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Daymieri Narvaez

Undergrad student at Columbia University

I am an undergraduate student at Columbia University majoring in biomedical engineering with a concentration in genomics and systems biology and minoring in chemical engineering at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Before joining Columbia, I spent a year performing genetic engineering research at Rutgers University’s Department of Molecular Biology where I conducted genetic engineering research to fully sequence orphan DNA species. I performed bioinformatics analysis of protein DNA using BLAST to identify mRNA sequences to determine their structure and functionality for the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

I also worked with the Parkin Group at Columbia University’s Department of Chemistry performing inorganic chemistry research. Here, I identied acute elongation in a zinc bromide bond that deviated from the calculated average bond length. I subsequently examined atom displacement plots, displacement parameters from X-ray diraction data, and analyzed density functional theory calculations and NMR spectroscopy data to support research atom misidentication in a literature structure.

I joined the Zaccara Lab to help nurture my skills and learn of technologies in molecular biology and genetic engineering as I strive for a career in gene therapy research in the future.

Daymieri Narvaez
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