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Join Us!

Undergraduate students

For students interested in studying RNA biology, Leukemia, or Bioinformatics, there are often opportunities to join the lab by taking work for credit or for work-study. Preference is given to sophomores, who often can gain experience over the years. We will help you choose and carry out your research project. Please contact Sara if you are interested. No prior research is required!


Summer students

Usually, students interested in doing summer research would apply to the SURF program. However, students have come to the lab in other ways. Please contact Sara if you are interested. No prior research is required.


Rotation PhD students

Prospective students interested in joining the lab should apply to the Columbia Graduate School through either the Department of Systems Biology or the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Studies. Application deadlines are usually in December.

Admitted graduate students interested in rotating can contact Sara directly.


Postdoctoral positions

We are always looking for passionate RNA lovers! Interested postdoctoral candidates should contact Sara stating what projects they are interested in working on and their CVs.

Do not worry about your background! We can develop a training plan that fits your research interest. 

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