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Feyiue Yang

Rotation PhD student

Hi, I'm Feiyue Yang, a PhD student in the Department of Systems Biology.

Before coming to Columbia, I received my BSc at China Agricultural University, majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Data Science. As an undergraduate, I worked on projects ranging from crop bioinformatics to synthetic biology. My undergraduate thesis research was conducted at Westlake University, where I explored the age reversal by epigenetic interventions in mice through sequencing data analysis. Currently, I have a broad interest in utilizing various kinds of sequencing data in research with translational values.

I joined the Zaccara lab as my first rotation, during which I aim to uncover some mysteries about m6A based on sequencing data. I'm excited to dive into RNA biology and explore how computational and bioinformatic skills can be of help in the area!

Feyiue Yang
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